Friday 21st of October

This term i have decided to learn to use game maker 8 to create a game.
This interests me because i do play a fair amount of games (mainly fps) but i do play all the other genres.

Game maker is pretty hard to use but with a few tutorials i have gotten quite good with it and now i understand all the basics.

Thursday 27th of October

I have decided to make a variant of pacman using game maker. This is turning out to hard as it is difficult to figure out the functions that would create pacman but with the help of few tutorials i am learning how to do this. The hardest thing involved with using game maker is getting everything right as one mistake can result in the whole thing not working.

Friday 4th of November

Game is going well however there are also a lot of problems that i need to fix but i could do this if i had enough time. the hardest part was to give different objects different properties and to see how they interact with one another as one of the problem i am having is how pacman somehow gets stuck in the walls even though that it should not be able to go through solid objects. Overall making the game was fun but i would have liked to finish it however i think this would have been really challenging.

I have decided to do the emotions anticipation and/or elation.

Tuesday 9th of August

Today i have been trying to find more videos and also a song to put in but this is hard as it is hard to find videos of moments of elation.

This is a good song that could I could actually use in my video.

These were some really amazing moments of brilliance that i could put into my video

Thursday 11th of August

Did not do much today as we did theory. However my plan for my video is going to be more like all of these moments where somebody does something that is amazing at a high level with an epic song behind it. My inspiration behind this is that I played rep hockey and i know the

feeling when you do something amazing when playing aginst people of a high level and the emotions you feel when you make an incredible

pass or shot.


Thursday 18th of August

Today i have decieded to include all skills from all sports and either things like parkour and gymkhana.

Friday 19th of August

Monday 22nd of August

Today i have decided to look for music for my video. It has to be energetic or have an interesting hook.

Thinking about definately using this video after my first song.

Thursday 25th of August

Today i have started to convert my videos and i have thought about what order and music to play in the background. I have decided to have two short songs in my video which both have good timing and correspond to my video. I am partially sided to using something like dubstep with big drops to correspond with my video but i dont know which song to use.

Thinking about using one of the songs in this montage for my video but i need a good introductory track.

Could possibly us this as well as it is only a short track,

Not sure about some of the tracks in this video.

Tuesday 6th of September

Today i made a lot of progress in the actual creation of my video as we had a double period. I got all three of the songs that i was going to put into my video which are Attack- 30 Seconds To Mars, Cracks(Flux Pavillion Remix)-Freestylers and Remember The Name-Fort Minor. I also did a lot of cutting down of the various clips that i have compiled, this took a lot longer than i thought it would but the timing had to be precise. One of the things that has worked out has been the volume level of the different audio tracks and the video which i have put to the right level. My video is shaping up pretty well. All that i have to do is some more editing and reassembling the pieces. However i suspect this is actually going to take a lot of the time that i have left to finish my video.

Thrusday 15th of September

I have finished my video.
I am pretty happy with what i have achieved but i would rather have had more time.
One of the issues i have had with my video has been bad quality for some reason or the other.
Another issue is that my video runs for about 7 minutes.