9th of August 2011
The theme that I have chosen for my digital media project is luck. I have found some great luck compilations on YouTube that I will use to make my digital media project. Downloading these videos off YouTube is difficult as the school internet will not allow us to do this. I will have to download the videos from home if we cannot come up with a solution of how to download the movies at school, which would be much easier. I believe that lucky moments can be felt through viewing and are great to watch.

18th of August
I have changed my idea from luck to the skills of people.

19th of August
I am now showing the skills of people with the emotion as amazement.

22nd of August

23rd of August
I am very frustrated at the speed of the schools internet and am struggling to download the videos that i want because of the lack of storage in the schools hardrives.

25th of August
Today i am continually working on my media project. I am trying to get the timings right with the song.

6th of September
I have now got 2 minutes and 20 seconds of my project. It was extremely good to see that our hardrives got extended to 1 gigabyte. This has allowed me to freely download and convert videos to use for the project without having tro worry about restrictions relating to the size of my hardrive.

9th of September

This is the song for my video. I believe it works well witt the emotion of amazement and suits the individual videos that are inside of my project.

12th of September
Throughout this term I have created my multimedia project. I have enjoyed the project, although it would have been good to use Sony Vegas which is going to be used next year. I thought it was fantastic that we got our hardrives extended to 1 gigabyte from 100 megabyte. The Windows movie maker would not let me save my project as a movie file. This was extremely frustrating as it was at the critical point in the assesment task. In conclusion i thoroughly enjoyed the project and believe that I have made a good effort to produce a movie that expresses the emotion of amazement.

I am unaware of what to do for my final project, I am thinking of doing a movie as it is fresh in my mind since last term.
I have decided to do a redbull rampage video. Red Bull Rampage is a mountainbike event. There are many videos on youtube that show redbull rampage, and I am going to use the videos to show this video.
I may also do a Danny Macaskill video, Danny Macaskill is a trail rider who made himself famous through youtube.

I have now decided to do a Whistler Mountain Bike tribute. I am using clips from

Starting to download videos.

Found a song for my whistler video.