For this unit I plan to make a mine craft adventure map which in n00bspeak mean making a game that can be played through to absorb the story or plot elements while solving a series of puzzles and challenges

I have just reached the point where I have single player commands flymod and too many items installed
on this computer and running fairly smoothly with the exception of occasional crashed that cause my minecraft to end instantly and for no reason.

I have begun work on the project after finding myself a suitable world and i will now porceed to begin my basic design of the map, I have decided due to issues with making a large open scale adventure map that could cause the marker to become lost. That i will instead settle on puzzles that are mentally challenging instead of puzzles that take a while and are complicated to complete

I have now finished the first 3 rooms of my minecraft and bugan placing the signs that play out the story of the adventure. My porject is no progressing smoothly