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Database Assessment with Marking Criteria

Database Topic Test Study Guide

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Artificial Intelligence



What are your questions?

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What is Wordle?

Wordle is going to be used to formulate a word bank of words that you encounter during the topic Artificial Intelligence! It can be found here. . Start creating a word document with all the words you hear now so you can upload them to your Wordle. These posters will be placed up around the room!

Our PPT!

What is a PREZI?


Tune into to find out how to use this program for your next assignment.

Assignment: Create a Prezi using words pictures and video about Artificial Intelligence that runs for 10 Minutes max and 5 Minutes min. The main focus should be us speaking about the topic you have learned about.

Rodney's Robot Revolution

Eyeoff2-small.jpgWatch the Documentary on DVC titled "Rodney's Robot Revolution" about humanising robots. If you miss it in claa you can watch it here. Click to go to the site While watching update your Wordle! Complete homework: Exercise 8.2 Qs 1 - 4 and 8.3 Q's 1 - 4.