Entry 6* today i started transferring clips across to iMovie and working on my video. I still havent thought of how to place emotion into my video so unless i think of something during the process, there will be no 'emotion' so to speak. Have also changed the song to 'HaHaHa' by SMF.* Started using iMovie today. having trouble timing the audio and visual elements. Also having trouble adding transitions and titles

Entry 5I think i have almost enough footage to complete my video. I now need to begin working on my video. also considering changing the song to more "hardstyle" song... I also need a way to place more emotion into the video as at the moment it is lacking. iMovie is also an upcoming challenge as i have not used it much before. By the end of this lesson i believe i will have enough footage to begin the process of making the video.

Entry 4* I still cannot download the official music video to "Champagen Showers" :/ I have alos discovered that there 2 different 'styles' of shuffling. There is the traditional Melbourne Shuffle and the new 'LMFAO" based shuffle. I plan to use more of the lmfao style shuffle but will incorporate bits of the traditional.

Entry 3* Today i started downloading clips for my movie. I have downloaded a clean version of the LMFAO song "Champagne Showers" to use as my song and i am currently in the process of downloading the music video to their song "Party Rock Anthem". I plan to use parts of the music videos for "Champagne Showers" and "Party Rock Anthem"* Encountered some problems with downloading clips, my H drive was full so i had to clear out some of the clips from my previous video. Hopefully i can clear enough space and can download enough clips to successfully complete my video.
  • Having trouble downloading clips

Entry 2* I have now decided to do a video as it is fresh in my mind and i need to do something. I plan to make a 3 minute-ish video* I think i have to do it in Imovie so as to learn something new- hopefully goes well.* Still working on what the message of my video should be and the content of it- should i pick an emotion again or try something new??* I think i will try and portray the emotion of happiness and i plan to show it through clips of people 'shuffling'. Ideas for songs are mainly centred around LMFAO but i do not know how suitable the lyrics would be...

Entry 1*Really struggling with my idea. Have no idea what to do. Thinking another movie, but not 100% on what to base the movie- subject matter and theme wise. Would be intresting to learn something new but honestly dont know what i would do.* Decided i will make a flash animation of a concert. I plan to time actions with sound, make "accurate" characters of the band members, a large crowd and special effects.* I struggled a bit with my last flash project, but i think i will do better now that i am more experienced.* Disregard previous comments- have changed my mind yet again!!! really stuck for ideas! thinking video as it is fresh in my mind and easily remembered.

Entry 1

For my video I plan to show the emotion anger. I am planning to use the song 'Psychosocial' by Slipknot or 'The Hammer of Thor' by Tyr. Not sure how else to display the emotion, thinking it would be best to stay away from violence. The key elemnts of the video seem to be flashes of light and dark, rapid movement and dull colour tones mixed with bright light sources.

Unfortunately The Tyr video doesn't actually have a music video so I will have to go off of the visual elements portrayed in the Slipknot video. Not sure what else to put in so thats it for today.

Entry 2

Have a new song for my slide show- Resurrection by Fear Factory. Its not as 'Hardcore' as the slipknot song but still makes you feel a bit angry. And I also have an idea for the visual element of my video- clips of mosh pits and 'walls of death' from metal concerts. Any ideas???

Entry 3

For the first lesson of today's double I worked on my emerging technologies power point. I am stuck for ideas on the content of my video. The mosh pit idea doesn't seem to be such a good idea, there aren't many videos and the videos that do exist aren't what I was looking for. have another song to use though, 'Linchpin' by fear Factory. Unfortunately like the other fear factory song, I can't embed the actual video but I can embed an audio only version.Not a very productive lesson in terms of the video, but at least I finished my emerging technologies power point.

Thinking of expanding my idea from pure anger to the idea of being repressed and rising up against that repression. The song Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against provided the inspiration for this.

Entry 4

Still struggling for ideas. Have another idea for a song, 'The Game' by Motorhead, used as the theme song for Triple H- the wrestler. Thinking of doing something like an AMV but i dont watch anime so ill have to get my visuals from something else.

Entry 5

This video captures the emotion I am trying to show really well. It has higher, softer, lighter moments that are interspersed and transitioned well with moments of pure rage. This shows cause and effect, the eye of the storm. From what I can understand the song is about soemone being left behind by some one they love, without ever a good bye being said. This deeply uspsets the singer who reflects on the relationship and realises that it was bound to happen.The clip mainly focusses on a night time scene with the band performing in the rain with occasional flashes of colour in the form of fire. The secondary part of the video focusses on people slowly falling into a pool and drowning. this shows the regret and hindsight that comes with outbursts of anger. the results can be good and bad.

Entry 6

For my video, I have decided to make something similar to an AMV but use Lord of the Rings Footage, predominately from the 'Battle of Pellanor Fields', using the 'Asking Alexandria song 'A Prophecy'(Entry 5). I can use the bits of marching and lining up to visualise the quieter parts of the song while the scenes of actual fighting for the heavy parts

Entry 7

I have scrapped the Lord of the Rings idea as it doesnt actuaaly portray the emotion of anger, in fact it doesn't really portray any emotion it just looks cool. Really lost for ideas now and time is running out. Also realised there is a swear word in my song so i'll have to try and edit it out. The only idea that I have is the idea raised in the lyrics, regret after losing some-one special e.g. a close friend or partner. I dont realy know how im going to portray this visually. The video shows the idea of losing a loved one to suicide but this is actually hard to visually show for 4 minutes without the clips of the band performing, as it is mostly the band. The song also focusses on the hindsight you gain after an event so I could focuss on this aspect.

Entry 8

As I still dont know how to visually show my previously mentioned ideas I am going to broaden my idea and change it so that it is excitement and anger together. I am going to use a very generic idea, Sport. I am going to use this so that I can at least get something done by the due date. The main focuss will be on tackles and the slow grind up and down the field but will eventually turn to tries when the song starts coming to an end and the mood changes. I ahve downloaded some videos now, showing NRL, Rugby Union and NFL videos but I am having trouble using them. As I havent used Movie maker before, I dont know how to cut, paste and edit the videos into an order that I like. Will have to spend some time working this out.

Entry 9

Another idea change... More of a broadening, but I have changed it to the pumped up feeling you get when you watch sport, that feeling that makes you want to be involved and how you could do it differently or how you could do it in your own games. I can't think of a proper word to describe it but 'pumped up, is about as close as i can get.

Entry 10

Movie is coming along well, got about 42 seconds so its a long process. I'm not sure if ill be able to finish the whole video.... The most main visual part of my video comes from the NFL predominately this video:

Unfortunately I dont think my song matches the video and theme is much as I wanted it too and Most of my timings are matched to it so I wont be changing this late in the project. I like the song Re-Educate (Through Labour) and would have liked to use it but it is used in the above video.
It would have been nicer to use more of a variety of clips but I struggled to find clips showing what I wanted for the different sports as most rugby and AFL videos focuss on the scoring aspect while NFL has both great defensive and offensive videos.