Entry #6- I really do not want to do this anymore because I find this song so annoying right now. I have listened to it that many times. So basically, I am going to give up now. I have also realised I should have put dates for all my blog things, because I have no clue when I wrote all of this.

Entry #5- I am pretty happy because I have almost finished it :). I'm up to the third verse because it turns out that the first and second verse are exactly the same.

Entry #4- Jackie has been helping me learn to se finale becuase she uses it in music a lot.

Entry #3 - I have done the first line :) . Lachlan said it was good, which is awesome because he is a musical piano prodigy I think.

Entry #2 - Because I am intetrested in music, I have chosen to do something with Finale. I was thinking of making a piano version of a song called Mr. Taxi. So far, I have the notes but not the timing, so I'm going to have to figure that part out first before I do more. -_-

Entry #1- This term we have to learn something which is really really hard.
I have no idea what I am doing. I am as lost as a panda in the ocean.

Entry #1
22/7 For my video I am going to portray the emotion of depression.

I am thinking of using one of these songs because they make me feel sad-

-Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

-Life goes on side D by CHEMISTRY

Entry #2
8/8 I found a video on youtube that has given me ideas for my video. I am going to use mainly dark colours and slow transitions from pictures.

Entry #3
11/8 Depression is defined as a state of low mood that can affect a person's thought, behaviour, feelings and physical well-being.

Entry #4
18/8 I am thinking of doing a AMV of an anime called Fairy Tail to portray excitement. I decided to do this because I would like to do something I am interested in.

Entry #5
19/8 I am going to use the song The Fountain by Pendulum because I think that it is really good at portraying excitement because of its beat.

Entry #6
22/8 To portray excitement I was thinking of mainly including fight scenes, so I am downloading AMV and fight scenes from youtube.

Entry #7
5/9 I am halfway through my video and it looks pretty good.

Entry #8
6/9 Today was the double IST lesson and I was able to get a lot don I need around 30 seconds of film.

Entry #9
8/9 With a week to go till we have to upload the video, I am confident that I willl be able to finish it in time to hand it in

Entry #10
9/9 Daniel watched my movie today and described it as "epic" which is awesome because Daniel is not the kind of person to give compliments. I am having trouble trying to save the final project. I have tried saving it to the computer and my memory stick and it doesnt work either way even though there is enough space left.