Emerging Technology Assessment Task - Term 4

* Entry 1 - Monday, 17th of October 2011 * - Period 6

Today is our second lesson working on this task. We are able to choose any topic, whether we explore programmes we are unfamiliar with, or an assignment similar to ones that we have done between now and at the start of Year 9 IST. Initially, I was planning on using photoshop as I am not very familiar with this software and am quite keen on learning the different tools that it consists of. I think this will be a challenge for me to adapt to this software and recognising key features and functions. However, due to the computers at school not having Photoshop CS4, I have chosen to use Fireworks CS4. The only problem is that I have Photoshop on my laptop at home rather than Fireworks.

I am not certain what I am planning on doing on Fireworks CS4 but I should have an idea by next lesson.

* Entry 2 - Tuesday, 18th of October 2011 * - Period 3 + 4

I have begun the lesson with some brain-storming of ideas with some help from Mr. Blackwell. These include:
~ Blending photos (2 or more different photos)
~ Photo Manipulations
~ 3D Imagery - Anime (Fiddly)
~ 3D Text Advanced Test.
~ Portraits
--> Photo People Sketching
~ Web Based Banners and Animate.

I am leaning towards Blending photos or Photo Manipulations as it is something I have wanted to learn how to do for quite a while. I am thinking of using more than 2 different photos at the moment which may change in future, but I will confirm what I will be doing for certain in later Entries. I am currently still deciding on a topic to do this on.

For now, I am going to work through tutorials and become more familiar with the tools and functions on Fireworks CS4.

* Entry 3 - Friday, 21st of October 2011 * - Period 4

I am thinking of doing a photo manipulation as I'm sure I will find it fun and challenging at the same time. I am currently looking for photos to incorporate into my photo manip. I am planning on doing some work on this during the weekend :)

* Entry 4 - Friday, 28th of October 2011 * - Period 1

I am planning (and started) on creating a photo manipulation where a painter is painting a realistic picture of the sky. He will either be on the ladder or next to one, in front of a low stone wall, between him and the painting. There will be a little girl watching him paint. There will also be a quote towards the top of the painting.

* Entry 5 - Thursday, 3rd of November 2011 * - Period 2
Today is our last lesson before this assessment task is due (due Friday - Tomorrow). I have incorporated most of my photos into the manipulation, but I can't find a painter that is in the right position that does not have a copyright symbol, covering the photo. I am still currently searching for one to merge into my manipulation.

* Entry 6 - Friday, 4th of November 2011 * - Period 4
This assessment is due today, although it is more of a progress mark, considering that we have been working on this project for approximately 4 weeks. I currently have around 5 or 6 layers incorporated into my photo manipulation on Fireworks CS4. I have learnt how to blend photos, cut objects/people out precisely (from photos), what the function is of the magic wand (yes, I didn't know what that did before I started this project). Additionally, I have learnt how to use various functions and tools that I haven't used before.

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Internet is so... Slow -_-

Entry 1 - Friday, 22nd of August 2011

The Task:

The task is to demostrate our creative ability to create a film that invokes a certain emotion. We are to incorporate short clips, music and images to appropriately convey this emotion that runs for approximately 5 minutes.

My Initial Thoughts and Ideas:

I am looking forward to this task as there are several potential ideas that can be successfully achieved. The task will explore the range and power of emotions, in hope of moving the audience with good use of audio, graphics/videos and time. I am intent on getting through the obstacles and challenges presented within this task. This includes using Movie Maker which I am not familiar with. I am keen on learning new skills and functions within this software.

Entry 1 - 9th of August
I am planning on creating my film on sadness. I've so far created a list of possible song choices.
Sadness Ideas

Song ideas:

  • Through my Eyes, Dylan Frost
  • *9 Crimes - Damien Rice
  • *Hometown Glory - Adele
  • Incomplete Lullaby - Lisa Michell
  • *Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy
  • Kathy's Song - Eva Cassidy
  • The Last Day On Earth - Kate Miller-Heidke
  • Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo
  • *Fix You - Coldplay
  • Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

Entry 2 - 14th of August:

This youtube clip is Fix You by Coldplay. I am using this for the audio itself rather than the video. I think this song can successfully portray sadness. I am planning on mainly using video clips but not so much still images.

Entry 3 - 21st of August:
I was listening to a song just a few minutes ago: Lux Aeterna By Clint Mansell it is mainly orchestral work without lyrics, but the tone of the song strongly conveys the emotion. This means i'm changing my song/topic from sadness to suspense/despair (I don't think that's quite the right word for the emotion). I'm not sure exactly how to describe this emotion but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Here is the song below - I am putting this youtube clip up for the song not the video itself. Enjoy :)

I'm planning on using this song for a nuclear war that results as 'the end of the world'. I don't think I'm explaining this very well so here is another youtube clip to help 'explain' this better.

Entry 4 - 22nd of August

I'm pretty sure I will not be including images of people burning as shown at 5 minutes into the youtube clip above. I'm planning on beginning the video with the public walking and/or traffic, everyday life activities, etc. Gradually things start to go wrong. Slow motion of people turning around, eyes locked on the meteor, people praying, saying goodbye, sprinting into their homes, etc. slowly building up to the climax of it landing. Explosions occur showing the impact it will have. At the end, it will be videos circling the destruction as a result of this.

I'm currently in search of youtube clips to incorporate into my assignment. Despite it being challenging, I'm determined to get through it. That's all for now :)

Entry 5 - 23rd of August
Today is our double period of IST. I'm hoping to download youtube clips that I am planning to incorporate into my assignment. They will be posted here soon.

I'll be using 2.47 minutes to either 2.59 or 3.04 minutes. And possibly 3.45 till 3.55 minutes as well as 5.09 till 5.15 minutes. I think I'll incorporate this into part of the climax.

I'll be using 0.12 till 0.23 minutes as I believe these are good shots and angles, despite the slight pixelation.

6th to the 12th of September

Today is our double IST lesson. I have imported all my clips into windows movie player and have put it in order. I'm now incorporating the audio to suit the video. I still have to do some trimming and splitting but I have almost finished it.

15th of September

Today is our last day working on this assignment. I'm very close to finishing. There is a problem towards the end of my film where the music doesn't flow continuously to the next clip and the music seems to have a crackling sound no matter how hard I try to get rid of it. I also need to upload the assignment, as soon as it is done, put it onto a USB stick, etc. Regarding my blog, I just need to finish this paragraph and evaluation.