Personal selected task
Ok i have chosen to make a computer for my task this term. From what I have heard the easy part is putting the peices together and the hard part is programing the bits to work together properly.

I am planning on having it boot camped and parrelel windows set up on the computer if possible.

My goals
- min 12Gb RAM
- min 1 X 500gb HDD
- i5 or higher GhZ CPU
- at Least 1 DVD Drive
- USB port
- Camera Card Input
- 512mb Graphics Card or better
- Possibly a wireless Network Card Or Wireless Cellular Internet Device
Ok so maybe all my goals aren't acheivable E.g 12Gb Ram and a 500Gb HDD and Camera Card Imput .

I have syccessfully got two of my three desired DVD Drivers Working as i lack the cables needed to install the third.
I would require Two Power Units and Another Motherboard CPU Core and more RAM cards to operate the system smoothly.
And now Mr. Blackwell has added another part to the assesment of completely re installing the OS and Drivers .


Video Task TERM 3
Ok my emotion is so Pain it is something that i will be able to find tonnes of stuff on

22/7 - dead tired need to find good youube videos that are fresh(aka unkown to most) and depict pain in an entertaining way

8/8/2011 - ok so iv changed my idea to shocking and amazing videos cause pain is shocking but some stupid things are also shocking therefore expanding the media available for me to use and making the videos content broader then just painful acccidents.
Morphing yesterday was sweeeeet as luved it lol amazing

OMG i found some really good JackAss 3d clips to put in and some of the stuff they do is crazy As!!!!!!!!!

18/8 ok I hate movie maker and would rather to use Imovie but gotta live with it. Downloaded most of the vids already like 15 min woth so i gotta lot of cutting and editing to do, Fun!:(

I Have changed my emotion...Again... to sorrow i have realised this is one that will show a strong emotion and i have chosen this as my emotion now

OMG HATE MOVIEMAKER CANT SPLIT AUDIO OF VIDEO SO I HAVE TO CONVERT IT A SECOND TIME. vids champion pretty happy with it would have rathered Imovie though