Digital Media
9 August 2011:
The problem im having at the moment is trying to download the youtube clips for my film. The program that should do this is not working properly and so i have had to download the clips from home and convert them into mpg 4 for imovie. This slows the progression of the film but is not that frustrating. I am representing the feeling or emotion of persistance. I guess its not really an emotion but is something similiar. I am going to represent how hard work pays off and the success that accompanies hard work.

The steeper the mountain; the harder the climb; the better the view from the finishing line.

11 August 2011:

Here is my song for my digital media task. I believe it really represents my emotion effectively. Its about keep going utntil they hear you out, which really translates to hard work and standing up for what you believe in will pay off eventually.

18 August 2011:

This is one of the clips i am using for my film, it really shows some of the things i am trying to demonstrate in my film. Hopefully it will all come together very well.

25 August 2011:

Rocky is really inspirational and is perfection for my assessment task. Especially this training video from Rocky 3 which you probably all are familiar with. The hard work and how it pays off makes rocky perfect for my task.

6 September 2011:
I keep switching my song, it really is frustarting me, but it will all come together, superstar by lupe fiasco is what im thinking will go with the clip but i have a feeling about chase that feeling aha, how ironic

20 October 2011:
For my term 4 project I have chosen to do a review of kelly slater's tenth world title through a video of all his comp peformances and how this one of a kind surfer attempts to make world surfing history. Im having trouble getting onto the macs to transfer my iles to imovie. Imovie is a much btter program than WMM and is what im yusing for this project. :))))

27 October 2011:
Have decided to use WMM as imovie isnt really convenient for our classroom :(
And youtube downloader keeps failing to download vids which is frustrating, cannot do my video because i need a video for the next part of my movie :( This is so frustrating