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blog #1
9th august 2011
today I have come back to school after 10 days of resting from a broken elbow with surgery. I really have no idea what is happening in I.S.T. it is quite annoying as I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. All I have been instructed to do is write my blog, which I am now completing and we have a sub teacher so he doesn’t know what to I am supposed to be doing all he can do is give the instructions he was given to give to us. It would have been easier if I had called the school and caught up on work at home then I may be able to follow on and proceed with the rest of the students. I also asked Harrison and Mathew what to do although they managed to ignore me. So I simply watched what Mathew was doing and managed to write my blog on word document.

blog #2
18th august 2011
Today i was not very productive as i have chosen the emotion of fear i decided to lurk youtube and find some clips that may help me in displaying that emotion for my assesment. i ended up on typing in fear to youtube to find this video
which took almost the whole lesson to load as my computer has been really slow with the internet. i also was taken over by mattreeds topic and spent alot of the lesson watching videos on amazement.
blog 3#
23rd august 2011
This lesson i stimm and trying to capture the emotion of fear so i went on youtube to look at some videos to put in the clip and music. i managed to find soem interesting idea on what to involve in my video such as utting inamazing facts that make you fear your lifestyle such as the deadliest organisms of Australia. not to mention the statistics on death rates and injurys from everyday average lifestyles. the period was also a double although the internet speed slowed down my progress.

blog #2
8th September 2011
today i have been working on looking a youtube videos

Friday 21st October
i have decided to do my task as a video. as i have decided to create a video about matt reed and his adventures. creating the emotion of aspiration to be like matt reed and comedy from some of his actions. i have managed to get some in class footage of him which is pretty good but mainly i plan on getting alot of footage of him on the weekend during and before the festical Fat As Butter. so far im looking forward to the project :)))

Thursday, 27 October 2011
My idea to film reedy did not work out as much as i planned on the weekend at the festival. The only footage i got was before hand at the party with matt reed pulling chixx as i got one photo of him surrounded by them. hahaha. although i still have alot of inclass footage, i can work with that. this lesson i plan on finding a song to put in the video clip and going through the footage i have of him getting out the pieces that i am going to import in the video.

Friday 28th October 2011
so i have decided on the song black dog - led zeppelin to add a bit of lol to the video. i dont think will have enough time in class to complete the video so i plan on doing most of my work at home.