BANKS Brittaney

New Task

Entry 1:

The Task:To create a personal project, which has some connection to a new or improved technology for which we will learn how to use.

My Initial Thoughts: For this task we have been left to our devices to choose from the many projects we have learnt throughout the past 2 years. How ever we wer also allowed to think outside the square and perhaps choose something such as finale, or Imovie to learn how to use a begin creating a project. This task will be challenging because we have been left to work independantly and create something using the levels of self help and research.

My Initial Ideas:Over the past weeks, i have been contemplating multiple ideas to do. I have finally come up with the decision to produce an Imovie with some sort of emotion. My 3 ideas were, cancer, drink driving and a tribute to saxon bird. However i have found it to be challenging to create a movie for cancer and saxon bird because they are issues close to the heart and it has been quite difficult to find sources to help in producing these movies. So i have therefore decided to create a movie on drink driving from multiple sources such as youtube and so far it is coming along.

Entry 2:

This is an ad about drink driving from nz that uses humour aswell as facts to warn people about the dangers of drink driving and what people will think about you when you stop a friend from driving drunk.

This story is true and is used to touch peoples hearts and warn them of the many dangers faced when drinking and driving.

This is the song i am thinking i will use to back up the clips:

Entry 3:
Today I again collected more youtube clips and pictures regarding incidents which have occurred when the drive has been drinking. I also found some heart wrenching statistics to back up my video. One of which was 'About 1'900 people under the age of 21 die from drink driving related accidents throughout Australia alone.

Now that i have found a majority of my clips and pictures i can begin piecing together my movie in the format i have decided. I have also converted all of my clips to an mp4 so that i can access and use them when creating my Imovie.

Entry 4:
As i was to begin creating my Imovie, i came across a problem. The mac computers would not let me download the clips to use onto Imovie. This meant i had nothing to work with. However i didn't let that get in my way so i decided to again use movie maker. However first i had to convert all of my clips again into a wmv file so that movie maker could read them. Once the files were converted i could then begin my project.
Throughout the 20 min i had left in the lesson i had created a montage for approximately 30sec at the start of my clip.

This clip depicts a group of teenagers having a good time before the mother texts her daughter telling her to come home. However the daughter replies that she will make it home on her own and make the stupid decision to be driven home by her equally drunk friend where they run into a tree crashing to their death.
This is what faimilies are faced with on a daily basis, their children become drunk and are not capable of making mature decisions therefore in most cases leave their families behind because they become victims of drinking related car accidents.
Entry 5:
I had another lesson today where i had the opportunity to continue creating my movie. I began by cutting up clips which contained snippets of family members of victims and placed them in my movie. This is what i spent my lesson doing so that the timings were right but not rushed.

Entry 6:
In order to complete my movie i took it home. I then sat for a couple of hours and at last completed my project. it was very enjoyable to finish because i was happy with how it was coming along. However it took me longer than i expected because the computer i was working off at home did not have a large memory capacity so therefore the programme stalled quite often, however i learnt after the first time the system crashed to constantly keep saving my movie. At last i managed to complete it.

I found this task very enjoyable. My foavourite part was researching each of the clips and deciding what i can do with them.

It begins with a montage of people talking about victims of drink driving and its consequences. It is then followed by snippets of friends having a good time and drinking before they pick up the keys. However pictures of family and friends show up to ask the question as to whether you would risk your life yo lose all of this. Before it shows the accidents occurring.

Overall i found this task very enjoyable to do. Although the computer glitched quite a few times it was also interesting to sit with my dad and establish why the computer continued to glitch until we finally concluded that it was due to lack of memory. Having the opportunity to work on my own and create a project with no guidance whatsoever showing that i can actually work independantly.


Tuesday, 9th August, 2011 - 1st Entry

The Task: This term we have been asked to create a video using imovie . In the 5 minutes the movie is to run for we must convey an emotion of our choice using short clips, pictures and music to suite the emotion.

My Initial Thoughts:emotion. To me this topic sounds challenging yet interesting at the same time. I am looking forward to learning how to work with imovie and other software.

My Initial Ideas:To begin with my thoughts were to create a movie which portrays joy and excitement. This would be prtrayed through the use of videos and images of soldiers at war, when performers would come in a spend a night enteratining through the use of music. The music i would use would be pieces such as Little Brown Jug by Glen Miller, and other popular songs for this time.

Glen Miller - little brown jug

Bette Midler (video to be uploaded)

Thursday, 11th August, 2011 - 2nd Entry

Recently I have been searching sites such as youtube, in search of clips that i can incorperate into my movie. However i have found it challenging to find these clips so i have decided to use both pictures and footage in the film to increase time.

Change of Idea
Tuesday, 23rd August, 2011 - 3rd Entry

Over the weeks i have found it hard to find clips and pictures in which i can use to create my video on entertainment throughout the war. So I have now changed my idea to cyber-space bullying for young people! Thsi is a major issue in the world today and something needs to be done about it. My aim is to create sympathy for those who are struggling with cyber bullying. I will be starting off my movie with friends laughing before all turns around and it becomes cyber bullying in only a short period of time.

This is a clip about a boy who went from having friends and only within a matter of hours he fell victim to his first text from his potential bullies.This movie to me is inspriation for my movie however, this is professionally done by a company so therefore the footage and music flow together. I plan to use parts of this video to help in creating my movie on cyber-bullying.

I will be combining this song with other songs related to bullying in a general, This song talks about the issues of bullying and never putting yourself down no matter how big you are, or what you look like.There is always someone who thinks you are perfect to them and at all times you can turn to them if you need it.

Tuesday, 25th August, 2011, 4th Entry

It is your choice whether you will bully someone over the internet. As in this clip the boy was about to post something that will potentially harm the reciever mentally. However he made a wise decision, and instead apologised.

Tuesday, 6th September, 2011, 5th Entry
Over the past weeks, I have been creating my whole movie by joining clips such as those above together to create a smooth running movie. At last i have created a movie that I am extremely happy with. I believe that my movie portrays the emotion of empathy for those who have fallen victim to cyber bullying. This form of bullying will harm someone cause someone to become mentally unstable.

I hope this movie encourages people to understand the dangers of cyber bullying. If this issue occurs for long perioods of time to one person and passess unnoticed it could potentially be fatal.

Thursday, 8th September, 2011, 6th Entry- Last Entry


At last i have completed my movie project. I believe it should allow us to feel empathetic as we venture into one persons view on cyber bullying and what it feels like to be bullied.I bleive that noone should be bullied because it can mentally destroy someone.

I found this challenging to complete, because i had the opportunity to listen to people talk about their experiences on cyber bullying through youtube clips. It is hard to understand that something so heartbreaking as cyber bullying is still occurring today and no extra action has been taken to prevent it.

The hardest part for creating this clip is having smooth transitions between mutlips scenes. Because we were joining clips and images together from completely different areas, it was a challenge to incorperate them together.

However i overcame these challenges by reading instructions on how to do effects etc. and researched on the internet. After the many weeks of preparation this is my finished product, hope you enjoy!